Diebold : SERAS
Managed Services  
Opteview Resolve
A managed service that receives, analyzes, and responds to status messages sent by an ATM. Through this service, Diebold proactively identifies and resolves downtime failures and helps to increase equipment availability.

ATM Endpoint
A managed service that provides remote firewall and anti-virus management at the ATM. Through this service, ATM security is enhanced by having the latest anti-virus defitions automatically deployed to the ATM as well being able to remotely deploy any necessary modifications to the ATM firewall rules.

Content Delivery
A flexible solution that delivers a graphic appearance separate from an ATM's normal screen content. The graphics, providing personalization and delivering targeted marketing on ATMs running on Microsoft Windows® operation systems, are managed by Diebold and distributed to the ATM.

Currency Management
A managed service that provides you with a means to track, log, and analyze the physical movement of ATM cash across your ATM networks. ATM cash requirements are forecasted using a combination of historical information, projected customer usage, and transaction trend analysis from live data.

A managed service that provides a simple, efficient way to remotely manage ATM screen advertising, EDC retrieval, and coupon distribution on an ATM network.

Software Deployment
A managed service that remotely deploys Microsoft security patches to Diebold ATMs running Windows XP Pro Operating System. Patches are sent approximately every 30 days and an email notification is sent prior to the patches being sent to your terminals.

Transaction Processing
Diebold-Elan transaction processing customers have access to various reports and detailed information such as transaction totals, surcharge income, and cardholder usage.